Meet the Euki App!

Euki is the first app of its kind to provide accurate, complete, unbiased information as well as the tools you need to manage your sexual and reproductive health (SRH) in one friendly, secure place.

Information you can trust

Euki includes comprehensive information about sexuality, abortion, contraception, consent, miscarriage, STIs, and more, drawn from sources you can depend on like the World Health Organization, Scarleteen, and All-Options. It can answer questions like these:

  • How do I self-manage an abortion? How do I support a friend through an abortion? What should I ask a clinic before my abortion?
  • What are the different types of birth control? How do I start and stop one particular method? What do I do if I had unprotected sex?
  • How do I talk to partners about STIs? Where can I get tested?
  • What is a miscarriage? How do I know if I had one? Where can I go for support?

Links within the app also let you connect with trustworthy direct service and advocacy organizations in one click.

Private tools for understanding your body

Euki also contains an interactive, customizable calendar that lets you track everything about your sexual and reproductive health. Want to note how heavy your bleeding is? When you’re bloated, cramping, or having a migraine? When your next gyn appointment is? When you last had sex and with whom? You can track all of those things and then some, or only record what’s useful for you.