SASS – Self-Managed Abortion; Safe & Supported

Who are we?

SASS is the US project of Women Help Women, a global nonprofit organization that supports the rights of people around the world to have information about and access to safe abortion with pills. Information is power. We all deserve accurate information about our bodies and reproductive health.

What is on this website?

If a person wants to use abortion pills to end an unwanted pregnancy, with or without a clinician, this website provides information about how to do that. 

Why do we provide information about abortion pills?

Abortion pills are a safe and effective way to end an unwanted pregnancy, with or without a clinician. If a person chooses to self-manage their abortion, this website is a source of accurate, up-to-date information to help them be medically and legally safe. 

SASS/Women Help Women recognizes that transgender, intersex, and gender non-binary people also experience pregnancy and need abortion care. We work to ensure that our activism and services are gender-inclusive and we strive to be respectful and responsive to any trans, intersex or non-binary person who contacts us. We understand that our organizational name may not convey this.