Q: Where can a person find a clinic or get help paying for an abortion?

Someone who prefers not to self-manage an abortion can still find abortion care at clinics in many states.

AbortionFinder.org and INeedAnA both have comprehensive, up-to-date lists of clinics sorted by state to make it easier to find the closest one. The Plan C abortion pill finder is also searchable by state and lists telemedicine programs that allow someone to see a provider remotely and receive prescribed pills by mail.

A person who needs help paying for abortion care can:
•    Ask their clinic for information about whether Medicaid can help cover the cost of abortion in their state. Some of the clinics listed in the resources above may also be able to offer small grants to help pay for care.
•    Call the National Abortion Federation's toll-free, multilingual referral and funding helpline at 800-772-9100. The hotline is available Monday through Friday 8AM-7PM Eastern and Saturday and Sunday 8AM-4PM Eastern.
•    Contact an abortion fund to request a loan, grant, or other practical support, like a ride and lodging. The National Network of Abortion Funds maintains an online directory of funds across the US, with information about how to contact them, what kinds of support they offer, and how to work with them.